musical friday five

a little insomnia, a little surfing the 'sphere, and i see an "altar call" from my friend julie d... so i shall oblige.

What is the total amount of music files on your computer?
about 1000, probably more (my son downloads all that isn't illegal, of course, to download)

The CD you last bought is:
amazed by beth wacom keck

What is the song you last listened to before reading this message?
jill paquette's "broken"

Write down 5 songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you:
this is so hard for me because i listen to so much music that is either classical or Christian (i rarely listen to secular unless one of my kids is sitting shotgun and are fast on the dial). when i listen to secular by my choice, it's almost always alternative.
five songs. hmmm.
*in your eyes*, peter gabriel - my "wedding" song with dh
*heroes?* david bowie. i would listen to this song over and over again as a kid growing up in dysfunction. not fond memories associated with it, but it had an impact on my life
*here with me* - mercyme. i LOOOOVE this song. i listen to it all the time.
*trinity* - jennifer knapp, from her "kansas" cd. when i am feeling penitent
*our great God* - fernando ortego & mac powell - it reminds me of a verrrry difficult time i went through as an adult (road less traveled blog has more info, my first post) (why would i want to go there?) but it was so powerful to me i listened to it over and over and over...)

Who are you going to pass this stick to? (3 persons) and why?

kalanna ... she is so groovy, i am sure it will be interesting to see her answers
essy ... because she is so sweet and spiritual, i am almost certain a choice from the smiths won't be a response from her
fish ... because he is a rock & roller, but i am sure he may have a little eclectic side to him, as well

(julie, you can't name me in any more of these type of pass-the-baton things because i have insomnia, it is 3:00 a.m. and i would have felt guilt if it didn't answer right away...heart ya...)


Essy said... must remember that I'm smack in the middle of rasing two toddlers...the music I listen to these days is a bit mind numbing...LOL. 'The Wiggles' is about as interesting as it gets here. But I'll bite...I'll post the results at my site when I have a chance.

Julie D. said...

But m,m ... I give you permission to not answer right away ... does that help? Also I just LOVE "Our Great God". There is something about the way those two men's voices intertwine and the fact that the song talks about spiritual warfare ... very powerful. I can see I've really gotta get that Kansas CD.

C. Fish said...

There are 1280 songs on my playlist. Some of them are off CD's I bought, some are not.

I have everything from children's disney stuff, to Aerosmith, to Mozart and Chopin, to Clint Black and Garth Brooks, or Amy Grant, Matt Redman and Michael W. Smith.

I have a very broad range of taste in music. :D

david said...

ok ... the iPod is playing mercy me in my ears ... NOW! last night and the ten nights before that my new bed time is officially '3 am your time sleeply-head' ... my wife and i own a bookstore in the little village near where we live ... i just talked (emailed back and forth) with beck keck and we should have her cd in the store before the mid-of-next week ... YAH! (its on the iPod!) that's so weird ... i'm off to read some of these blogs ... sarah mclachlan is about to sing to me ... take a look/listen to this: . . . she is saying something . . . if you don't have broadband and if you have a cocktail straw for a connection like me it will take a few mins but its worth it . . . enjoy . . . God's peace:::

~m2~ said...

wow, david - and i almost named you as one of the folks whose musical tastes i'd be interested in learning about - who know you were really my brother in real life?

i love that video with sarah maclachlan - it really does speak to an awful lot - and not to be tangential, but i have had a stick in my craw about our president's inaugural festivities this week - what was the price tag? and how much money came from all the lobbyists? over 50 million dollars? that is so disgusting i can't even stand to voice my opinion on it - i mean, i voted for him because of his pro-life stance.

however, the monies spent to inaugurate him when he is already president is repugnant, especially in light of so many other more worthy causes.

i shall step off my soapbox now.