monday morning liturgical quarterbacking...

amy wellborn, who is a well-known Catholic author (and blogger, apparently) has the coolest idea for those of you who are interested in reading and/or participating - she states:
I don't know what to call it. "Monday Morning Liturgical Quarterback?" Perhaps.

Here's the idea. On Mondays, I'm going to start a thread dedicated to the previous Sunday's liturgy. I am inviting you to post

1) the gist of the homily you heard

2)anything interesting/unique/ whacked you experienced at the liturgy
she goes on the explain:
First, I'm not intending this to be a Thread of Complaints. We do enough of that around here, and we will undoubtedly do more. I really don't want it to be a discussion thread either. I'd rather we just post our experiences and then step back, rather than commenting on what others have posted.

I would like it to be simply a reporting thread, because, to tell the truth, I'm interested. I'm really interested to hear how different homilists in different parts of the country (or world!) deal with the same texts - or even in different denominations (when our lectionaries coincide). I'm interested, sometimes in a morbid way, in the liturgical (ahem) diversity that exists in the Churuch in this country. And really and truly, I'm not interested for the sake of pointing out "errors" or abuses. That's not my purpose here. One of the reasons I've maintained this blog is to try to present a daily digest of what the Church in the US is about and concerned with. Back a couple of years ago, when I was posting like mad (tho never at Shea levels, I admit), that was what I fascinated with - to explore, present and discuss what we were up to across the country. That's the spirit in which I'm starting this feature.
i printed out this first thread - all 44 pages of it - and while i was only able to read half of what was posted last night before my eyelids gave out, i found myself totally intrigued and amazed that even though we are *one* church, how our liturgies could be so different in certain areas of the country and world. some i outright laughed at (the one from the person at Notre Dame...great writing!)

i intend to check back often and wanted to provide a link so others who weren't aware of this great idea could, as well.

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