tea time

i am a big fan of coffee, in fact, drink a ton of it a day. but love love tea. so much so that i actually went through several brands of chai spice tea before i found one i truly centered on. there are so many different spices in each brand that a certain combination (tazo, for instance) can be too strong and others you actually need two bags to make it strong enough.

i found my favorite by stash tea - and went from store to store when i ran out. i found the company online and am pleased to say i now am the owner of 120 bags of my favorite tea, and ordered another type called Christmas morning that is quite palatable, indeed.

by the way - i am a "bag" person. i know tea drinkers can turn drinking tea into an artform. while i don't have individual infusers at my cafe, i do have individual teapots that hold the second & third cups, have honey on hand and even different herbal teas, if they are so inclined. i lack, however, the patience necessary to make tea drinking into an event, with all the infusing and such.

sometimes, i just want to hurry up so i can relax.


Julie D. said...

So why am I not shocked that I could have written this post myself? :-)

I have been buying from Stash for years now and also prefer bags, having gone through my teaball phase in college. I like their ginger tea and the Moroccan Mint. Also they sell the only Earl Grey I've ever liked ... can't remember which variety, surely it must be the most expensive one.

Anonymous said...

I love tea also. I want coffee in the am. But, I like tea the rest of the day or if I want "comfort". My favorite is French Vanilla by Bigelow. They also make a Chai French Vanilla that's really good. But, I like ALL tea. I don't care much for herbal. I want the tea taste. I don't make a pot. I like a fresh cup each time.

Yer my pallie. Love ya much

~m2~ said...

tea drinkers are a different bunch. i feel the same way...coffee in the a.m., tea the balance. if i don't feel well, it's gotta be a hot cup of tea.

we are fortunate with our restaurant to have a great coffee/tea provider. i buy boxes of their tea and have customers order boxes from me because they enjoy it so much.

the chai experience is a new one for me. i like herbal teas, but chai is very comforting. there must be something in it that calms the soul...maybe it's the smell? i don't know. but i have about 115 more bags to get through and should know by the end.


Janet said...

I, too, am a coffee-in-the-morning, tea-the-rest-of-the-day gal. Coffee is always french roast brewed strong. Tea varies. At the moment we are on a Good Earth Chai jag, but now you've got me wondering about Stash. I also like lemongrass tea, and chamomile for headachey times.