are you talkin' to me??

i am one of those people who sit in the back of the church (to answer the phone for monsignor, should it ring, i always say...) because i enjoy my mornings with the Lord before the Eucharist now (love adoration!) i have only recently begun reciting the rosary, but must say, my days are clearly different when i do. i have a lot more patience, go figure.

now picture penni (aka martha, martha), back of the church, minding her own business, after morning mass being approached by one of the Eucharistic ministers who's been *on the job* for many years and wonders would i like to take over for him on thursdays? sure, i say. i'd rather serve than warm a pew. (okay, i can do that even though through all 8 hours of class for instruction i kept saying, "are you sure God? me??" i really am like isaiah, "here i am Lord - i come to do Your will...")

additional point of reference: easier to sit closer to the altar so we don't keep monsignor waiting. okay on that, too (i guess, she said through pursed lips)...

less than one week later, wouldn't you know the cool older gentleman from england approaches penni and says "why don't you take over one of the days leading the rosary? which day do you want, wednesday or thursday?" without hesitation i said "thursday because it is the mysteries of the light."

sidenote: on mere Catholics, kalanna goes into a
bit more detail on the mysteries of the rosary which i found quite insightful.

insert "my God, what have YOU DONE?" now i am not only in the front of the church, i am LEADING THE ROSARY ON THURSDAYS??

i am thinking wherein i'd care to stay in my little cloister called the Back Pew, methinks my Lord is thinking something entirely different and is calling me forward because i am not allowed to hide any longer that light under the bushel basket.

again i ask: are you SURE Lord? me? here i am, Lord. i come to do Your will.

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Julie D. said...

Yep, I'd say if they're searching you out in the back pew to get you in front of the crowd then the Lord wants you to "come on down!" *hee hee!*

We always sit in the third or fourth row from the front because I like being able to see and hear even without the microphone. (Once again, it's all about ME, isn't it?)