the day after Christmas

so my good people in blogville - how many of you are going to brave the crowds and rush out to do your Christmas returns?

normally i would NOT but the winter coat i got my daughter was a bit snug and we are expecting 2-4" of snow today (Fish, bring the kids!) and i don't want to disappoint her in not being able to join in on the *let's make a lot of laundry for mom to do* fun.

also - what'd you get for Christmas (shallow penni, checking in) - we all know what's the reason for the season, but the prezzies are bonuses. i got a remote car start which, for the record, yours truly did NOT ask for (that's two cap'd *nots* in one post) but am so danged happy with i could spit. also the dh got me the perfume i fell in love with when we were in nyc...also got seasons one and two of the west wing (there's a teeny bit o' liberal in all of us and i love the snappy dialogue of that show so don't rail me...)

what about you? did santa come to your house?


Anonymous said...

No craziness today, thank you. Maybe tomorrow, when the crowds die down. But I don't think I want to return anything given me this year; I got exactly what I asked for. :)

Julie D. said...

I rarely return anything but maybe that's because we're not a family that gives clothes ... except to Hannah who lives and breathes them (not this year though). I'm trying to find the time to write about my Christmas and what I got ... but off to the store now. :-)

Annabel said...

Not too bad of a Christmas. Got the first season of Monk, a laser level, pajamas that my sister made, and a $15 book store gift certificate.
Don't know what my boyfriend got me yet, but he'll be here Tuesday which will be the best present!!
Glad you had a great Christmas.

C. Fish said...

heh. Presents are bonuses.

I got a pair of leather loafers, a deep fryer, a blue bottle (decorative i guess hehe) from my 6 year old, a couple of coffee mugs from my 8 year old and a scarf from my 3 year old, an "African" art piece from my 11 year old... and a soap on a rope shaped like a ship's wheel from my grandmother in law.. that made everyone gag at the smell of it, and flannel pajamas from my mother.