love these meeces to pieces

ahh, it is not often that i am blogging at 3:50 a.m., but i have had an adventure, two days in a row, to rescue baby mice from the fowler's snare, also known as simon, my cat.

i've known of the existence of the babies since last week when i continued to find bird seed spilled onto my washing machine from the wire rack above same. i thought it curious, but am also wise to the fact that it is about 30 or so degrees outside, bitter cold, and it is around this time of year the field mice make their way inside my humble (albeit warmer) abode.

last night, my son M with great enthusiasm, exclaimed that the *mouse is out* mom, help me!!

not one of those 50's cartoons wherein you see the lady standing atop a chair, hand to forehead, screaming for the man of the house to come destroy said vile creature, i did what any *save the wildlife, even in your own home* moms would do - grabbed the tallest plastic cup i could find and a lid to entrap the bebe and off i went to investigate.

it seems the mouse was in one of my churches, right outside of my bathroom door. could it be any sweeter? a church mouse! i tilted the church and capture the critter, all of about an inch and a half long, and promptly deposited it outside with the instructions to "run, be free!!" in the frigid temps. he looked up at me with these baby eyes and precious little whiskers as if to say "you didn't kill me?" and without a backwards glance, scampered off through the leaves, away from our house, tyvm.

knowing full well there was a sighting of two mice at once (as my informant husband told me, just prior to the words "tomorrow, i buy poison and traps..." ::horror::), i thought i'd wait it out knowing it would only be a matter of a day or two before simon, the stealthy mouse hunter would show his hand, once again.

so i wake up at about 3:15 a.m. and can't sleep, so what is a girl to do? blog. surfed a bit, daughter is awake for unknown reasons and within a matter of minutes, starts shrieking about *the mouse! the mouse!!* and i see simon, true to form, dashing after the other baby, scaring it - and my daughter - to death.

i grabbed the same cup (cleaned and dried, indeed!), same lid and cornered this other baby into my trap o' freedom and let it outside. however, i am a bit wary this time around because i am looking at my weather bug temp of 14 degrees F and am wondering if what i just did was humane, vs. what simon would have done? brb.

a quick check just now revealed the baby has scampered away.

my work here is done :)


Anonymous said...

How are you sure that it's not the same liitle guy? Maybe he found his way back inside. (wink wink)

Love your ruminations.


~m2~ said...

(((YR))) i would have thought it the same wee one, save for the fact mouse guy #1 scampered away from my house in the opposite direction.

my husband *jokingly of course* suggested i buy a cage and when i trap said creatures, keep them in the cage, safe and warm, until warmer weather hits. another *pet*, as it were. he thinks he was kidding.

i say "BRAVO my good man" and will be dashing off to petsmart today to get a little hostel for my visitors :)

and i thought my work was done. ha!

Anonymous said...

That's me. anything living I haven't invited indoors gets politely ushered out and my husband gets stern reminders each time he catches something with more legs than we two have.

"Take it outside. Don't kill it. It hasn't hurt you."


~m2~ said...

uh, make that three mice.

in a matter of two days. ugh. yet another - and bigger - one was trapped in the trap o' freedom and released. husband is mumbling something about exterminator and making suggestions of mice climbing over our faces at night when we sleep.

and he says *i* need therapy. hmph.

~m2~ said...

okay, kids. we are up to six mice, one death (ty, rosie) and we had an exterminator come in. had to, it was becoming epidemic in proportion.

btw -- why are *bug men* so quirky? yikes, this dude was "out there," but i am trying SO HARD to see Jesus in everyone, even the exterminator from "RID."