nothing changes on new year's day

do any of my friends feel like anything really is different on new year's day?

to me, it has never been a big deal - i mean, even when i was single, i never really had a date (pathetic, yes, to openly admit this in blogville) but i don't know that i ever really wanted one. much ado about what?

the change of the calendar? we change the calendar from month to month.

new month? see above.

clean slate theory? admittedly, i guess i am like most folks when it is as if i have a clean slate in my heart. that is a good thing, in and of itself. i feel like it is a fresh start...fresh start to what, i am still uncertain of...

this year will be different for me as i am serving communion at new year's eve mass and again, serving on new year's day. i've heard of other Christians bringing the new year in on their knees, but this is the first time i will be doing so. maybe it will give me different perspective.

maybe :)

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Julie D. said...

I never really cared about it much either (so we are "twins" again!). However, it has become a "family" night for us ever since the kids got old enough to want to stay up until midnight. We eat junk food (taquitos anyone? how about some Rotel cheese dip?), play board games and watch movies. Tom and I quaff champagne the whole time. Rose has turned down babysitting two years in a row because she doesn't want to miss her New Year's Eve at home.