answered prayers.

my mother-in-law's test results came back negative for cancer.

i am overjoyed. and so is she, in her own stoic way :)

next hurdle: tuesday she has a biopsy scheduled that is likened to a d&c. please continue in prayer for isabel.

(isn't God so good? i don't discuss my spirituality with her, but when she told me she was fine today, i said "mom, i did a novena for you - i have so many people praying for you, you just don't know!" she said, "oh, penni thank you. i really believe in the power of prayer - tell everyone to keep praying!!)


C. Fish said...

that is fantastic! :D I am so happy for her and you. Prayer works miracles.

Julie D. said...

That is wonderful! I love getting to see prayers answered. :-)