the intimate Merton, his life from his journals

what a cool book. i am absolutely in love with this man and may start quoting him along side my blog like my friend julie d. does when she happens upon a little sumpin' sumpin' she wants to share, rather than devote a thread to it.

whaddya think? i shall start here, but it shall end up over ----->

in fact, to want to recapture anything you have had or owned or experienced is a bigger vanity and unhappiness than to want to possess some present good that is before you.

thomas merton
the intimate merton


Julie D. said...

Ohhhhh, that is good! Please keep quoting ... you may get me so worked up I'll have to go buy my own book... :-)

david said...

martha, martha, did you know about the recent controversy around merton?? ... i agree with you merton's an excellent read ... his insights are extreme thoughtful but take a look at the link below he was in the catechism as convert story but was removed in the latest revisions 'under review' and its a bit of an uproar of sorts . . . they replaced merton's conversion experience with that of elizabeth ann seton . . . also a convert but a woman's which is needed too ...enjoy!

God's peace:::

Kalanna said...

P - I'm lovin' it!! You rock. Merton too. ;)

no really, i'd have saved myself a lot of grief a few years back if i'd only heard that. uhoh... i feel a post coming on. bye!

~m2~ said...

hey david - i did, in fact, read about the hoopla - i posted about it here:

this book is so wonderful. i think it's been a long time since a book (other than the bible i have) has drawn me in so closely. i feel like i am in my own world, but i also feel as though my dad is looking over my shoulder, pointing to sections he, too, loves.


david said...

my wife linda bought me a copy of the talmud for Christmas this year ... there are some books that communicate a great deal of 'feeling' ... emotional knowledge if you will ... new seeds of contemplation by merton has that same feeling ... these books are like there our venues ... excellent stuff ... i intentionally read these types of books very slowly because i'm thick of course ... but there are so few of them its almost like carrying fresh water across a desert ... i take only measured amounts over time ... so it lasts longer ... God's peace :::