am wondering if anyone in the blogosphere has any advice on merging two blogs into one?

my problem is, i have three blogs. this one, one for prayers and more spiritual thoughts and then one for the *deeper, darker* things of my life. i am interested in merging my prayer one with this one because i don't really need to separate myself out that much when prayer and spirituality make up who i truly am.

the dark stuff, i will leave aside. some of it is just for me to vent (although comments are always welcomed...) but it's just not appropriate to merge that so i shall leave it be.

anyone?? don't get too *techy* with me. i have a decent understanding of what to do, but the getting there is the tricky part.

thanks :)


Null said...

Hmm. Not sure how exactly to merge them.

I think if I was getting ready to bring two blogs into one, I'd leave the old one up as an archive, put a link to it, and just start posting the posts that would have gone into that blog, in the merged one.

Perhaps put a keyword or something in the title too.. but then there's also just making an entirely new blog, leaving both up and linking to archives there and starting fresh.

I guess it depends on how much work you want it to be. hehe

Julie D. said...

If you just want to add the prayer one to this you can do what I did when setting up Glad Gastronome ... find the posts, copy them into posts in "martha,martha" with the date of the old one. Kind of a pain but you don't have to sort through things like I did on Happy Catholic ... now THAT was a huge pain!!!

~m2~ said...

yeah, my prayer blog isn't that lengthy, but i'd like to incorporate the two and then i won't feel the *guilt* of not maintaining my praying aspect of my life.

**sigh** so much to do, so little of me to get it done. shall i hire someone so i can sit at the feet of Jesus for a while??

delegate, as it were?

p'shaw :)