prayer beads

okay, i did my best to upload pictures without having them be poster-sized.

the pictures don't really do these justice - i am not saying that in a bragging sort of way, just that the beads irl look deeper in color, the texture of the ones in my hand is so smooth, it makes you want to use them to assist you in prayer...

i hope my students like them. if anyone out here wants a set, let me know - i only have 18 more sets to make for my ccd kids and then i'll be happy to oblige. all i'd ask is that you pay for shipping and supplies.

my time is priceless :)


Rebecca said...

Those are so beautiful, p! I've been toying with the idea of learning how to make a rosary, and now I know that someday, I must. I'm not sure if there are rosary supply shops in Canada; the duty and shipping can be steep bringing in supplies from the US. I'll have to do some research!

Julie D. said...

Oh my gosh! Let me think ... my dear martha, martha is offering to make a rosary for me if I pay for costs? YES! YES! YES!

You pick out materials you think "fit" me and I'll pay (don't go crazy though!) ... I will even be patient so you can get to it when you want (no hurry!). What a great thing to have to look forward to. :-)