prayer for addictions

prayers for freedom from addictions

~*~*~Lord Jesus, you prayed with the words of the prophet Isaiah, "I have come to set the captives free." we are captive and need your healing touch. open our hearts to receive your gift of grace, that releases us from our bondage and addictions and gives us...
...freedom from cares and worries that stifle our happiness;
...freedom from sins that cling to us, and to which we cling;
...freedom from all compulsive behavior that prevents our becoming what You, Lord, have planned for us.
bring us, loving Savior, to the experience of abundant life which you promised. thru your Holy Name i pray, amen.

~*~*~ The Lord sets the prisoners free; the Lord opens the eyes of the blind; the Lord lifts up those who are bowed down. (Ps. 146:7) ~*~*~

dear Savior, Jesus Christ, you know the temptations of this world. be with me and teach me how to overcome my addictions.
lead me Oh God, out of my darkness
i commit myself to this journey, oh God; i will not go back.
oh Holy Spirit, fill me with your presence that i may know that i am not alone.
most merciful God, protect my loved ones that my actions will not cause them harm.
Lord Jesus, this journey is difficult and i am weak; let me lean on you.
when i stumble, oh Lord, pick me up and dust me off.
when i am tempted to turn away, dear Jesus, remind me of those who love me.
this journey is for life, oh Lord, my life is in your (exceedingly capable) hands.


Null said...

This is beautiful. Something I needed to hear. I've got a couple of addictions, coffee and cigarettes, in that order. lol I've slowly managed to cut my coffee intake down from 2 -3 pots a day to 2-5 cups a day, and am proud of it, but sadly in doing so my cigarette intake has increased. -sigh- One day.. I will kick it too.

~m2~ said...

oh, sweet liesa - if you only knew miss martha's addictions... *sigh* i quit smoking 12 years ago, going on 13 in april. still want one EVERY SINGLE FREAKING DAY OF MY LIFE, wierd lung condition notwithstanding.

i start classes on the 20th for assessments in addictions counseling. i am sure i will be posting what i learn in class, i am wondering if my extended family could be used as a case study?


Essy said...

I loved the prayers...thank you. Very timely too as I go to bat over my food addiction yet again.

C. Fish said...

This post hits very close to home. How many times did I pray for release and rescue from my addictions over the years. I am free now.. but only have been for about two years.

I've struggled with addictions all my 'adult life' from age 16 on. Alcohol from age 15 on. (To this day I am very cautious of it). Drugs from age 17 on (pot, speed, sleeping pills.. etc...) My last speed trip was two years ago when L and I had a bad split and I regressed.

I am clean. I am sober and prayers like this helped comfort me... but now my prayers continue because the temptation is always there when the heart hurts.

Thank you.