wandering santa(s)

when my husband and i lived in ocean city, we were neighbors with a kindly older gentleman who really enjoyed woodworking. he was sweet and made my husband a "chef santa," complete with removable hat (which has long since been gone...) he is one of our favorite decorations.

another set of our favorite decorations is our salt & pepper shaker kissing santa & wife. my oldest son, for many years, has had great fun in making it seem as though they are arguing by facing them opposite each other...have found them upside-down in the cotton balls and q-tips...sitting atop my magazine rack. cute where they turn up...

my daughter's friend who has a great sense of humor, and without prior knowledge of ben's antics, has taken it upon herself to help the wooden santa travel throughout the house...we have found him visiting with the Baby Jesus at every nativity scene we have...next to the dishsoap, at the kitchen sink...behind the sheer curtains, atop the air conditioner. it makes us laugh when he turns up unexpectedly. in fact, she one-upped ben by displacing his already-displaced-kissing-santa from the cotton balls, back onto the bench in a supine position, while she put wooden santa in the cotton balls for his 15 minutes of fame. love those 11 year-old quick thinkers.

i got up from my reading this afternoon to get dinner started, and guess who was in my seat upon my return?

i have really enjoyed my Christmas this year, and i hate to put my decorations away.

until next year, kindly santas...we shall see you next time.

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C. Fish said...

My grandma had a set of porcelain kissing figurines, a dutch girl and boy and I used to turn them the opposite way too to make them look like they were fighting. hehe.

I love Santa ornaments. Grandma has a room full of Santa's she collects.