what do cherry garcia ice cream and david bowie have in common?

it is really incredible to me: for every 100 incredible human beings i meet through blogging, there are one or two that creep in, unannounced, and their only desire is to make me feel badly.

why is that? what have i done to them, specifically, that could not be resolved through private email? and even if no resolution were to be attained via that outlet, why not just let it go and move on?

i am nobody. i am not powerful, i can have no affect on your daily lives other than perhaps reading an entertaining vignette or sharing a story that could make you think (as it has me) -- if you don't care for me, that's cool. that's why God created Cherry Garcia - a little sumpin' sumpin' for everyone.

there are plenty of other blogs out there that dig a good argument --- this is not one of them. i seek peace. i seek solace for my aches, my hurts, and a place to vent my frustration or excitement over something. if this doesn't appeal to you, there is a really cool button located above that says "next blog."

until then, i leave you with a re-post of a thread i put up almost one year ago, simply because i had reason to. don't make me do this again next year, i am getting too old to remember what i called a previous post ;)


Ground control to Major Tom...

i have been vacillating between stopping blogging, setting up another blog where i can be anonymous (but know full well that it would not last for long, my anonimity) or take control of this space, which i began a year and a half ago.

i have decided to regain control. i am going to implement something i never thought i would have to do: rules about posting comments. they are as follows --

...commencing countdown engines on...

main rule: mean comments will not be tolerated and will be deleted or edited at will by your concerned blog hostess -- for the love of God and all that is holy, i had to go in and delete certain comments in my "all we need is love" thread! what are you people thinking?

secondary rule: no ad hominem attacks, which really would fall under main rule now, wouldn't it?

third rule: if i feel the thread is getting way out of hand, which hand would be mine and which hand of mine is not always available to moderate the out-of-handedness because of my work schedule, upon arriving at home after a 12-hour + shift, i already know i will have a *zero tolerance* policy and will delete either your comments (all of them) or the thread (all of it).

good Lord, i am a Christian woman who just wants to push an agenda of love and peace and acceptance, kindness toward our neighbor, sheltering the homeless, giving food to those who are hungry, attempting to work toward a goal of unity and regard for the other person which may be, God forbid -- at your own expense! is that not humility? is that not giving deference to your neighbor?

is that not what we are called to do?

(don't even think about correcting me.... if i were able to put blogger comments back on so i could thwart commenting on this thread, trust me i would do so. but i am html coding challenged and i about lost my blog yesterday after having attempted to do so...)

i am a tired woman. if you don't agree with me on any of what i just put forth, y'all have my email address and it has always been available if you need to speak to me privately.

...check ignition and may God's love be with you...

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