my son has begun his weight loss journey. his life and health depend upon it...he's 1.5 weeks into it and he's already lost close to 5 pounds. it is a small step toward a big direction but an important step, nonetheless. it is medically-supervised and there is a great deal of accountability involved; i think i am learning as much as he is along the way and it is pretty neat to see him emerge from the cocoon he's been sheltering himself in (and maybe me, too).

and that is a good thing.

on another note, a dear friend and fellow blogger is coming for dinner a week from wednesday as he has business in nj and we have decided instead of going out to eat, we will have dinner at my home with my family and feature amazing jersey things, along with imported and domestic *beverages*....

anyone else going to be in the neighborhood? feel free to drop in...that is, if you can hang with the "d's" -- we are a chaotic bunch, but it should be fun. he's like my brother, anyway, so he should fit right in :)

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