angelic encounter or high fever?

Bobby Neel Adams

i was on my way to the doctor's this morning when i noticed a rather large truck following closely behind me. i turned on a road that was a bit off the beaten path, he turned too. hmmm.


i pulled into the parking lot of my doctor's office and the big ole truck pulled over. as i was getting out of my car, the driver was approaching me. had it not been in broad daylight at my doctor's office on a now-busy street, i probably would have stayed in my car and locked the doors.

"is everything okay?" i inquired.

"your brake lights are out, except for the top one...i didn't want to scare you, but you need to take care of it."

"oh, thank you so much!!.....i wasn't scared :)" (i also made a face putting forth false bravado...)

"did you realize they were out?"

"no, because i never follow myself in the car...thank you for doing that - you could have kept going but you stopped to help out. i really appreciate it!"

he grinned at me and ambled away. truck drivers (and angels?) do that: they amble.

was that nice or what?

could it have been an angel in disguise or could it be that my strep throat, spiked temp and general malaise was actually only Divine Intervention and brought about to protect me from further harm?

does anything happen by coincidence?

by the way: i stopped at the garage on the way home, fever and all, and had the brake lights fixed, my spare tire refilled with air, and will make an appointment to have my *check engine* light fixed or i won't pass inspection....seems as though this was a far-reaching encounter, eh?

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