falling trees in the night

when you have huge oak trees in your yard, there is a certain sound when a limb of a large size falls to the ground you do not soon forget: it is almost as if it is in a time warp and falling in slow motion and when it hits the ground, the house usually shakes as a result.

we were awakened by a sound at 3:00 this morning that we have heard only on a few occasions in the 14 years we have lived with our 80+ year-old trees - and unfortunately, one of the limbs did not take out a mercedes as in years past...or a fence...or simply leave a huge divet in between our homes...this time, it was the front of my next-door-neighbor's house.

this ernesto, this tropical force i paid hardly a moment's notice to, will not soon be forgotten by us as we housed our neighbor's wife and two children while he was making phone calls to his insurance agent and realtor (they just moved in less than a year ago). i sat and wondered why this tree, which was looming over the street, fell backwards into their home?

these pictures hardly do it justice (ours is the blue house you can barely make out next door), but the enormity of this tree and the fact the my neighbor was getting a bottle for her 4-month old five minutes prior to the tree coming through their dining room leaves you wondering about God's timing and His grace.

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