school shopping in a mission field...

...or, what i overheard at wal-mart today -- these quotes are actual and have not been made up to provoke a reaction.


"keep walking like that and you are going to fall on your face and i am going to laugh at you," said the mother to the about 3-year-old boy who was pulling on her arm to balance himself along the curbside where the cars were pulling in.

"where's michael? omg, he is SO getting on my NERVES!!
no response from michael.
"OMG i want to KILL HIM!!!" (this was actually from someone i recognized from my church.)

"is she with you?" the lady asked the two women, one man behind her, referring to the young girl who may have been her daughter...

"no," was the weak reply from the group.
"then apparently, she is with me and is NOT butting in line..."
smirks were exchanged and as she was grabbing her bags on the way out, she looked behind her and said, "well guess what? i am BETTER THAN THAT so i have NO response," which, truth be told, was a response, to which the man of the group said "RIIIIIIGHT..." and then an dramatic hrmph.

or something like that.

now, admittedly, i am not the most patient person in life and shopping can be grueling, especially back-to-school shopping at wal-mart on labor day.

i'm just sayin' it's a mission field is all.

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