round-table discussion

Round Table by Window With Orange and Lemons
by Peter H. Davenport


my friend terry blogged about the shootings that happened in Amish country this past week - i cannot even fathom the evil that entered into the heart of this man to wreak such havoc on this peaceable community. it is so very sad, so very tragic.

and it is because the shooter had an issue when he was is because he had an issue when he was younger?

is that now what it always comes down to? an act or commission of a sin against someone that was never forgiven or reconciled within or without a person - it leads them to this? is it because the ugliness of such a sin is so deeply embedded that it can only manifest itself in other heinous crimes against humanity?

and what is so ironic is that the initial, particular sin initially committed (in this case of this man) probably started out by someone being selfish and seeking pleasure in something that would make him or her *feel* good.

how far-reaching and long-acting that initial sin committed was.

who would've thought?

what do you think about sin? we know that sin has a ripple effect, either immediate or long-acting. if a sin is not confessed and forgiveness sought and/or received, do you think the effects of said sin linger longer in the hearts and minds of those affected?

what if you confess your sin and seek forgiveness and it is not received -- are you "off the hook" as far as responsibility is concerned?

do you think confession and forgiveness is an integral part of healing, or depending upon the person sinned upon, will have no effect whatever?

i edited this because i want to talk about it and will be around most of today...tell me what you think.

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