silent birth

Collection: National Geographic
Washington, District of Columbia. A woman illuminates darkness using a match to light a candle.


random thoughts from my journal on a specific event. notes taken during Adoration this morning:
  • involved the birth of a stillborn child.
  • Parents dear, aggrieved. husband one of the most tender and loving, attentive souls i have ever witnessed. mother, inconsolable.
  • shortly after his birth, i prayed over this precious Saint of God, made the sign of the Cross on his forehead and commended him to Jesus.
  • i assisted at the blessing of when hospital Chaplain arrived
  • wrapped him up in blankets from the warmer for presentation to the parents and family; used event as a tremendous act of prayer the entire time. never in my life have i prayed so unceasingly.
final thoughts:

life is precious; death obviously comes to us all and our response is important. good or bad, our response is also valid.

Lord, my prayer is to be merciful, loving, compassionate. You gave me such a heart for people, i pray You enlarge it. enlarge it for Your people. it is all by no accident that i was involved in all of what happened. it is my hope You used me in such a way and that the family will receive comfort in how we handled the silent birth of their precious little son.


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