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i had been asked via an email by a person named jay kelly, whom i had not previously been familiar with, to check out wiredparish.com. since it wasn't from some church i had never heard of from nigeria seeking donations of undisclosed amounts in return for abundant blessings (especially if i passed it onto three or more friends), i figured i'd check it out. this is part of the email i received:
We launched wiredparish.com because we knew there were voices on the unconventional edge of the faith that weren't getting heard on traditional Christian talk radio. We wanted to provide a platform where they could in fact be heard. wiredparish.com is a place where coffeehouse conversations w/these voices take place, where questions can be explored that sometimes aren't allowed to be asked, and where people can engage issues of faith and discipleship in a robust and rich way.
that, and they offered me a smokin' tee shirt if i was one of the first 1000 to sign up for an annual subscription. i figured that would be pretty cool as i had just recycled my smokin' jacket.

so what this basically is is a launching site for a lot of emerging church podcasts. you all know i have been struggling with my faith for the last year and no, i am not jumping ship on the Catholic Church just yet, but i find their views refreshing and will openly say here in cyberspace, if any of these podcasters came to my area for a chat, i'd be in line to go listen live.

shocking, isn't it? or not really, actually?

it is Scriptural, Christ-centered, and while i've only listened to jay, who led me to rob bell of mars hill church, and brian mclaren thus far, i have enjoyed immensely what i have heard and have been linked through iTunes to other podcasts such as boredagainchristian.com, which is a podcast of new (indie) Christian music -- my favorite sufjan stevens is on several of them and once i found that out, i've made it a bookmark, but i am digressing.

they have topics such as church life, faith & culture, leadership, philosophy, scripture, spiritual life, and theology and now my disclaimer: while i am pretty sure this isn't for all of the m2 readers, if you are interested, check it out and let them know what you think - they are just starting out, branching into cyberspace (which i am thinking since i spend so much time on the computer, this isn't a bad thing to have on in the background...) and could use the props. i think it's pretty cool.

please note: i am totally open to suggestions for really good Catholic podcasts too, so fire away if you can hook a sister up.

~::~::~final word from your neurotic hostess: if you feel the need to issue an SOS-type warning to me and feel i am wandering off into the liberal and/or progressive desert replete with my iPod in one hand, bong in the other, hippie clothes and birkenstocks and please do so privately and not in my com box. thankie :)

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