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am still in the midst of a Caryll Houselander book, Essential Writings. i am the type of reader that has entirely too many books going at one time; i will put one down and pick up another at will, but some times, i ask God for advice on what i need...most times, it is provided.

"...for how can you really love, or be loved, if you cease to be yourself? To love you must possess yourself; God, Who is love, possesses Himself wholly, and gives Himself to all that is. You possess yourself insofar as you are true to His plan of you, which is your own likeness to Christ."


"All this hard spirit of Puritanism seems too grey to me -- I like my roses red and my stars to burn with fire, and I pray that when I fast I may not want to turn stones to bread -- we need both the Passion and the Resurrection of Christ."

and, finally:

I used to smart, to rage, at the worldliness of so-called Christianity, and to come close on despair, now I see that certainly such so-called Christianity existed and does even now, but it isn't the real thing, the real thing however, exists -- it is in the hearts of simple people, and it depends not upon what school of thought one grew up in, or what creed one believes in, but on one's capacity for love and for humility.

good stuff, that.

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