addiction thought for the day

...we naturally seek the least threatening ways of trying to satisfy our longing for God, ways that protect our sense of personal power and require the least sacrifice. Even when we know that our hunger is for God alone, we will still be looking for loopholes -- ways of having our cake and eating it too, ways of maintaining our attachments to things and people while simultaneously trying to deepen our intimacy with God. We seek compromise not because we are evil or conniving, but because of the way we are made; we naturally look for the least painful ways of living.
~~Gerald G. May
Addiction and Grace


angelmeg said...

It is amazing what we will try to pour into that God-sized hole we all have.

When we realize that there is one thing that is specifically made to fit into that space, and that nothing else will suffice not matter how hard we try to make the substitutes fit our surrender becomes a huge resounding YES to the divine love.

Then we just have to keep saying Yes.

Mary Poppins NOT said...

Wow, that sounds quite familiar, eerily so. I have to print that one out and refer to it frequently. Thanks for the focus, I needed it!