nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" like...

...a pew!!
oh, I am so not kidding :)

We went to breakfast last week and in front of an antique-y flower shop was this pew...I said "no WAY!" and said to my husband "Can you even imagine where that needs to be?! Our foyer!" He actually agreed.

You see, I collect eclectic things of a religious nature: religious art, in particular. If it is an original painting with a steeple in it somewhere and it appeals to me, I usually buy it - antique shops, eBay, estate sales. I have lithographs of Monks eating dinner and an original set of altar candles from a Cathedral somewhere in upstate Pennsylvania. My all-time favorite, however, is a painting I commission Owen to do for me, which painting can be seen here and on my sidebar (he's still painting on commission, for your information!) My collection is vast and unique and while you might think our decor is Early American Sacristy, I can assure you everyone who has entered feels welcomed and comfortable. My home is my *space* - all is sacramental to me.

Is it not so very cool that he came home with it today since I am working all day tomorrow? I sat and looked at it this evening and imagined the prayers said on this bench...the children being obedient (or not)...the tears of joy and of sorrow. What a blessing that it is now in my home, ready to welcome even more readers and prayers as they arrive.

I am so jazzed :)

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