mother's day

i just wanted to say i am so glad my mom is here, still with us. today we take her to a fancy-schmancy brunch to celebrate with her.

earlier this year when i saw mom in lying in her bed in the intensive care unit, i realized isn't always about me and made a promise to her and to myself i would do whatever it took to see she went to her doctor's appointments and medical testing... she was so incredibly ill, the doctors didn't believe she would make it out of the hospital unless she was being transferred to a "vent unit;" her pulmonary disease was advanced. they never expected her to make it off the ventilator, but mom, a former US Marine, showed them that she is still tough as nails.

and she is with us this mother's day and i couldn't be more pleased than to take part in celebrating the day with her.

Happy Mother's day, Mom. i love you.

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