Abandon - a Story in Seven Parts

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This particular baby began life just like every baby before him, but his parents, never quite beholden to the trends of their day (and a bit oddly-colored themselves), decided to bequeath him the name Abandon.

Abandon Beethoven Erstwhile,
to be exact...
And so begins the story started by my friend Jeff, who is a creative soul with a cool perspective on Christianity and blogging, even. He writes his blog as an ongoing story and, in his latest post, has created a character asked six other bloggers, Yours Truly included at the #4 spot, to pick up the story line and continue creating.

Pretty neat.

Get in on the ground level of a creative writing exercise and follow along to see where Abandon (also known as "Abe") ends up...should be an interesting ride...

Part I - Abandon Reinvented Himself can be found in the provided link
Part II - Abandon Starts His Journey is picked up by Adam

For your ease of reference, and even though with each subsequent addition I will be blogging a link to same, I have provided a list on my sidebar in case you don't follow along here on a daily basis.

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