Big Day

Job a wreck. I have not much by way of *professional* clothing, have a stomach ache and the interview isn't until 3:00 p.m.


To say this would help my family immensely is an understatement. I know so much is riding on this, but must ready myself if God says it's a "no." He may very well do that, so I have to prepare for an attitude and heart adjustment and go to Plan B.

(If I only knew what Plan B was...)

edited to add:

**they liked me!! they seemed to really like me!!

there is an hierarchy to what is happening with the restructuring, and depending upon the decision the General Counsel makes, it is between me and "another candidate;" however, there may be a place for me in their Risk Department, which actually sounded cool....however, this particular position is for the head of all folks legal, so that might be cool, too....i am thinking i'll hear within a few days if they want a second interview. i will keep you posted :)


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