Fragile Ego's
David M. Bowers


Since I already have a great job that will translate into full-time (as well as a lot of pressure), and am juggling between the two jobs at this time, why did I feel defensive and a bit hurt when the HR Director for Administration at the Hospital called to tell me the legal secretarial position was given to "another candidate?"

Because of the way it was handled?

Or rather, because when I got the email late yesterday afternoon saying she had been trying to reach me but my phone was disconnected *yeah, still* - I thought "I bet they are going to call me in for a second interview..." and DH and I discussed what I should do if I got the job, which conversation I now liken to being a "what would you do if you hit the lottery?" kind if chat at this point.

I feel silly and I feel sheepish.

I was further told I was more than welcome to reapply should something else come up and that I should be "proud of myself" for how much they really liked me and how my interview went.

So then why do I feel a bit stung?

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