Go in Peace or Stay for Prayer?

Oil on canvas, 53,6 x 43,9 cm
Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Ghent

"Go in peace, to love and serve the Lord!" says the presiding Priest...

"Thanks be to God," is how we all respond.

in my question about prayer after Mass, below, Tony came in from Catholic Pillow Fight, as he is wont to do when there is a discussion about The Church, and in his parting comments said
I guess I did misunderstand you. After the priest says: "The Mass is ended, go in peace to love and serve the Lord" and processes out, you can pray however you'd like.
my whole point was how nice it would be if the priest could stay at the front of the church and call people up who desired prayer or being prayed over or for (if the intercessory prayers didn't quite cover it for them for whatever reason), but Tony's viewpoint is that it should be left in our hands to do whatever we want after the priest processes out, or to meet up with people afterward and have our own prayer service.

what if something stirred within me during the Mass? isn't it best to do things when the Spirit moves you to do so? are we not to be guided by the Holy Spirit at all times? i can't say that the Spirit would be willing once the doors are closed or that It wouldn't; what i am saying is it seems to me we are missing a great opportunity of reaching people who are hurting, who lead fractured lives that could use a healing touch...people could come up for prayer without even saying what is *wrong* with them - they may not even know themselves - but could God not use someone in a huge and mighty way at that moment in time because it was appointed as such?

i don't know - i feel like it should be a "strike while the iron is hot" opportunity for those who wish for prayer to be able to approach during their time of need, and there would be no better time than after Mass has concluded, after we have listened to the Word and received Jesus in the Eucharist: Jesus in me meeting the Jesus in you.

what could be more peace-filled than that?

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