do you believe in miracles?

right out from the gates: i do.

i believe the miraculous happens all the time, all around us, if we have been given the eyes to see and heart to feel them.

sometimes, however, things extend well beyond our comfort zone and into a supernatural event that cannot be explained, leaving us scratching our heads and discussing them beside the water cooler or in the comfort of our homes in front of a computer screen and in our jammies (which is miraculous in and of itself!)

for our first miraculous discussion, (oh, don't think it will be our last!! we never explored the grilled cheese from way back when...i've got important ground to cover, here) i present you with something i found via an old friend's blog regarding a Miracle of the Eucharist.

as a Catholic, i believe what the bible says (imagine that!) regarding the body and blood, soul and divinity of Christ in the Eucharist. i believe in transubstantiation. does it not stand to reason that these *types* of miracles would occur from time to time, God showing Himself in the humblest of elements to bring someone perhaps closer to Him?

is it not at all possible that God would perform whatever miracles He chooses to bring any one, at any time, closer to Him? rings around the sun? miraculous to me, maybe not -- but to another? who knows where anyone is in their process; He is the ultimate Shepherd and perhaps, it is not beyond Him to allow whatever miracles it takes to bring home His sheep.

in all honesty, i realize this is unfair to post before i leave for work. i am, once again, trusting in your tact and diplomacy in my absence (if a discussion hereinafter ensues) and will gently remind y'all of who controls the delete button :)

what say you?

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