tonight was our family's *Thanksgiving* - as i had stated on the "real" day, ben & kelly had to work so we waited until today to have our feast.

shortly after they arrived and just as i was putting the finishing touches on my very exceedingly tremendously famous broccoli casserole, they handed me a card that said "Merry Christmas!" i said, "what's this?"

"early Christmas present ma -- open it."

i got as far as pulling the paper out part way and saw a cartoon couple looking down at something in the lady's arms....i didn't even look any further before i said "oh my GAWWWWWD" and promptly burst into tears. not simple dab at your eyes like you won an award tears, no.


apparently, we will have an extra person at the table next year -- i'm gonna be a grammy :) is that not just the coolest thing, ever?

i was undone and really don't recall how i made the balance of dinner or even sat down to eat.

overjoyed? i am truly blessed.


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