penni, for your thoughts

Virtual Painter: 1943 Zinc-Coated Steel Penny

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This is what I am interested in: your thoughts.
What are they worth to me: One penny - one cent, American money.
What will I do with said thoughts: turn them into a book. An interesting book, one that will either merge together as a story, or its chapters will be happenstance and free, like your words.

I am so excited, I can hardly stand it!

I would love to have happen is you send me a page from your journal -- to me, it doesn't matter if it is new writing or older writing (I personally have a lot of journals). Some are difficult to re-read, so if you would rather not *review* what it is you are sending me, randomly count out 15 pages and take that page, cut or tear it out (carefully) and send it to me. No need to rehash your past, I understand and have been there/done that.

If you provide me with your return address, I will send you one cent for your submission and if you would like, at the end of my book I will list attribution, but only if you say so, and I will not attribute the page unless you are quite specific about my doing so.

In other words: you want people to know it was from you, I will give props. If you do not, I will still give you props, but not attribute which page, exactly, was yours.

A question was asked in my last post about whether I wanted the actual page or typed copy. I want the actual page. There will be grit to it, in its natural state. i am uncertain how i will compile these submissions, you will have to trust i intend to use my best judgment to form either a story or it may simply be a book about journaling (oh like *that* hasn't been done before!)

Thoughts on society, religion, relationships, broken hearts, healing, saving, comforting, stories, poems. I want them all...and then some more -- please tell your friends, blog about it, get the word out -- thoughtful pieces, originality, reposting of what you would maybe even blog about -- again, I want it all -- just direct your friends here and I will do the rest of the work.

Here is my new post office box:

P.O. BOX 534

Again, provide your return address and a shiny penny will be posted back to you, regardless of where you live.

Thank you for helping me in this project! I am hopeful you will not be disappointed.

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