some may think it was a bit too soon to replace the missing Herbie (going on three months gone), but i have been on a mission on and came upon the newest love of my life (after four or so failed attempts at adoption - internet adoption is a tricky thing: they go pretty quickly once the money hits paypal...)

so without further ado, i introduce the most expensive mutt i have ever purchased: Cody :) they "think" he is a springer/lab mix, but could be a pointer/lab mix. who knows? the adoption agency wasn't there for the conception. they were, however, pretty awesome when it came to picking him out, meeting him, taking him home. he is about 7 weeks old and while he cried through the first night in the crate (and yes, we took him out and comforted him), last night he fared much better with mom on the couch to reassure him.

he is feisty, spunky, and no bigger than a minute right now. just enough sass in him to strike fear and terror into all of our cats, who are not the least bit amused...

QUICK EDIT: anyone who has as interesting a family dynamic as mine will appreciate the fact that this puppy's name went through about 20 bazillion changes until we settled on Coby. which name actually made not too much sense, but since it came from The Daughter Who Wanted Not a Puppy, we let it stick and stay.

then she told us she meant CODY [duh!]. well, now. that makes a bit more sense.

so at the expense of embarrassing myself more than i normally do, i thought i'd reannounce the name of the Creature pictured above, the dear thing, as Cody.


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