so many issues, not enough time or energy to blog about them, but the week in brief:

* went to another 12-step program and splayed my life onto the table, in a 3-5 minute window of sharing opportunity. received wonderful feedback and support which would sustain me for a day or two

* issues with my sponsor. she is a "strong-armed" person when it comes to sponsoring and with my other addiction, she is having a difficult time understanding. we came to an agreement (after i sent an acerbic email -- what is it they say in the rooms about *restraint of tongue and pen*?) and we will see how things go. i got panic-stricken when we were at odds. when i talked to her yesterday, things were okay on the surface, but it felt like something was brewing underneath. will keep that in check.

* went to meet molly's surgeon. he is wonderful, the program is wonderful, her surgery is scheduled for october 22nd. plenty of time to get ourselves prepared

* approximately 2 weeks until i become a grandmother. i so cannot wait.

* had an argument with another AA yesterday before the meeting and found it necessary to make amends to him, although he had no desire to talk to me, let alone listen. i let him go on and on, just said "you are right, i was wrong. that's correct. you were right, i was wrong. i misunderstood you..." hugged and all is right with the world, i am hoping. i knew i needed to say something because the conviction was strong and swift, so i made sure i met with him right after the meeting.

so what was that? a 10th step? i'm not *there* yet, right?

* struggling a bit this morning with my other issues. feel a real disconnect and need to tap into what that is all about.

* am attending a bible study at the Calvary Chapel Bible Church on thursday night. i really am looking forward to that, big time. penni needs reinforcements.

hungry? a little.
angry? not really.
lonely? yep. i miss one of my friends.
tired? not at all, feeling rested.

onto the day...thank God it is a "day at a time" program, eh?

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