and the three shall become one...

i know this may be confusing to my friends here and at "in repair," but i have decided to merge my three blogs since (a) i am still the same person, regardless of how many blogs i keep, splitting the three blogs is sort of like pretending i have three personalities, and (b) i said i was taking a break from blogging here (at m2) but as you can see i really haven't been since i've been posting over at in repair.

(for your information, i had a not-very-often visited blog which held my poetry and short stories.  just for kicks, i migrated that one over to here, as well, although the posts are old enough that they would be off the radar here.  just tellin' you is all...)

are you confused? please don't be!! i would love and welcome comments and if i don't necessarily want comments on a given post, heck, i will simply close commenting. After blogging for four (4!) years, i felt it prudent to continue my journey over here and have simply merged my two blogs. i

stay tuned for further changes...oh yes, there will be some :)


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