5 minutes in Heaven :)

i just hijacked this from my facebook account...i mentioned so many bloggers, i felt it reasonable to post here as well :

Rules, once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a list of the 10 people you would like to spend 5 minutes with. The list may include past historical figures or famous celebrities. At the end, choose 10 people to be tagged. You must tag the person who tagged you.

**Disclaimer partially borrowed from Tim** Sigh…okay, I am really terrible about knowing which people from my friend’s list would like to play along with these types of things and which ones find these truly annoying. If I tag you and you feel like telling me to jump off a cliff, please let this serve as my apology. If I did not tag you and you have not already done this one, please, please consider yourself tagged. Maybe you can make up for the ones that I tagged, but they only rolled their eyes. (Yes, I saw those eyes rolling.) (so did i!!) **
1. Jesus. I know it may be a bit predictable, but I would love to just sit with Him and bask in His glory after my profuse apologies for being such a schmag and doing things my way for so long. (Since He is “outside of time,” I am hoping 5 minutes would end up being years.)

2. Dorothy Day, who is my hero. She had such compassion for people that it transcends my understanding. I have no idea what we would discuss, but once I was done gushing over her wonderfulness, I would probably ask how she kept so strong during such trying times.

3. Mother Teresa. Pretty much the same reasons as Dorothy Day. I would also ask her why she went to confession weekly. Like, why??

4. My best friend Bruce who committed suicide 4 years ago this month. I’d like to “have a few words with him,” but then I’d back down and tell him how much I miss him and how much of an impact his life would have had on people had he chosen to live through whatever his struggles were.

5. My father, Herb. He and I reconciled after being estranged for 20+ years a mere 7 months prior to his passing. He died a sober member of AA a few years before I became a member. I have so many questions for him on other issues relating to my genetic make-up that don’t seemingly stem from my madre…

6. Jeff Buckley, one of my favorite singer/songwriters of all time. He died in a car accident and I would love to tell him how his music has impacted my world.

7. St. Augustine. He and I have more in common than I can admit in polite company ::blushing:: I would love to chat with him about his before/after issues and how he truly overcame them.

8. Mary Magdalene (whose confirmation name I took when I converted). Same reasons as St. Augustine. Ahem.

9. The person who created meatloaf and pie and coffee. Please don’t make me explain why as it would create a Facebook stir.

10. (May I clump a whole bunch of people into a group?) The women and men I have met through blogging: Heidi, Erin, Jeff, Maggie, Steve F., Chris, Annie O., Gayla, Donalyn, Carolyn, Michele, Julie D., Owen, Tim, RWK, Jules, Kat, Amy, Fr. Mark, Pastor Matt, Laura -- the list continues on and on…Blogging has had such an impact on my life these past 4 years that it is really a difficult task to describe how much these people (some of whom I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting in person) have meant to me during some very trying periods of my life. They reached out through cyberspace and helped to comfort me in my world and allowed me to enter into theirs. They have added an incredible life experience which is again, impossible to describe to those who don’t blog. But it is real and I would love to have an hour, at least, not simply five minutes.

if you would care to, my fellow blogger buds, please feel free to cut and paste the directions, above, and let me know in the comments box that you did so.  i would love to see who you chose :)

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