ash wednesday - entering into the desert

if you've been a friend of m2 for a bit, you know i am one of "those Catholics" who love the season of Lent.  there is no Easter without Lent, so that could be why.  however, i think it is a deep, meaningful, reflective time and a good one to enter into when one wishes to excoriate even *more* bad things from their world in order to make this a better place to be.  [let my time of excoriation begin.]

do you "give up" things during Lent?  what are your sacrifices?  each year, i give a great deal of thought for what i want to do these 40 days.  this year, along with the unnamed 'excoriation' -- i am deciding this as i type it out -- i wish to encounter Christ.  i want to decidedly see Christ in everyone i come in contact with.

and if i cannot see Him in them, it is my prayer they see Him in me.

so my behavior must be aligned thusly.  my thoughts, my words, my deeds,  aligned.  [may have a bit of trouble along the *thoughts* line, but with God's help, i will deal]

who knows?  if i can do this for 40 days with concentrated effort, who is to say this mad behavior won't continue an additional length of time thereafter?  and hopefully, it won't take as much concentration as anything done repeatedly for three weeks usually becomes a habit.

so i am tackling head-on a lurking addiction (one that cannot be mentioned in polite company) and aspiring to a new outlook upon life.

[pray for me and i'll pray for you - enter into the desert.]

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