love's divine

Then the rainstorm came, over me
and I felt my spirit break...

what started out as a potentially tearful day for both of us, changed on a dime come 2pm. my in-law's, molly's favorite people in the world, came for a visit. they were followed by the AAentourage, who came bearing gifts of food and laptops and books and snacks and affirmations and love and a meeting for mama.

we set molly up and the five of us went to the lounge they have here for families and sat on the four comfy couches and my friends hugged me and shared with me and made me feel loved and listened to and mostly, heard. a really cool group of travelers, not one complaint, they are amazing, amazing friends and my ports in the storm.

i was sought out by my "roommate" who said molly had two visitors (?) we parted, sadly, and i came back to the room to find one of ben's high school friends, bearing gifts of homemade chocolate cupcakes with hot pink buttercream frosting. (oh, you have no idea.) a little back story: last week, i was in touch with this young woman to see if she could help me with molly's birthday cake, but the logistics and timing was off because she lives in wilmingon, delaware (funny entity, our God). she found out through facebook that molly was here and asked if cupcakes would help. i had NO expectations of her making cupcakes and delivering them.


i wish i could have taken a picture of them, but will simply link you to Lindsey's blog and you can see why we were so thrilled :)

Love is what I need to help me know my name.

to top off our already very full day, i found a DVD player on the floor which the nurses proclaimed as "miraculous" and we watched Twilight and Clueless and Sweet Home Alabama and ate tuna and crackers, sourpatch watermelon candy and popcorn and cupcakes and felt enormously filled to overflowing, and it had nothing to do with the food.

molly asked me, very genuinely, "why are people so nice?" [love.]

after an incredible exchange of text messages between me and a friend, around 0 dark 30 i checked my email and yet another friend of mine (who has an amazing voice sang at a local bookstore recently) had sent me a video clip of himself singing Seal's "Love's Divine." his email simply stated "dedicated to Molly."

'Cause love is what I need to help my know my name...