second surgery

my dear friend erin asked in my prior comments box for an we go...

last monday, i had a "ductal excision" of my left breast, which results came back benign, thank God. i had an episode of bleeding on wednesday, so i had the treat of seeing my surgeon mid-week, but it was a "hematoma that evacuated itself." God, i see how you are in charge, because had it not and had it not been reabsorbed by my body, i'd have seen her sooner behind a surgical mask.

today, i have my right breast ductal excision. the healing on the left side has been uncomfortable, to say the least, but i've tried to not complain and to offer whatever pain i've had to those whose results have been less fortunate.

it's Thanksgiving week, and yesterday i had the pleasure of a wonderful prelude to my favorite holiday. i spent time at my brother-in-law's with family i haven't visited with for over two years, but which extended family i absolutely adore. the matriarch of this family is a breast cancer survivor - flanked by her, and my mother-in-law who is also a survivor - i felt as though i was in blessed company. it was a wonderful afternoon that helped my mind focus on babies and kids running around and getting caught up with cousins and sisters-in-law and 10 conversations at once at the dinner table, and it was wonderful. honestly, i couldn't think of a better place to be, eating-wise, the day before i am set to fast.

so there you have it - day #2, am showered and ready, and i head to the surgery center at 1:15 this afternoon. prayers, as always, are coveted.

hope all are well.