....on "accidental" books

when i was at my AA meeting this morning, one of my girlfriends was really struggling.  when she shared, it became one of those moments when i wanted to rush over and give comfort, but the wall was up around her and another guy sat on the couch next to her, so i held back.

after about 20 minutes, i noticed her jacket was in between her and the other member, and she kept wiping her eyes.  i got up, walked over to her and moved the jacket and simply sat down and we held hands.  she didn't want to talk, but after a few minutes, started opening up to me in whispers and i no longer felt intrusive; i felt as though i was able to quietly enter into her pain.

we are graced enough to have our morning meetings in a room where an ecumenical church holds their services.  they have a thrift shop and they have this wonderful library filled with all sorts of books relating to Christianity and God and spiritual matters.  as i was sitting with my friend, there were stacks and stacks of books that were in the pew to the right of her -- one title in particular drew my interest:  "Seeking the Face of God" by Gary Thomas.  admittedly, i am not familiar with this author, but the title was enough to entice me to pick up this little volume and start reading.

this gem is underlined and "previously loved" by the owner before me, who it appears obtained this book in 1998.  i will be quoting from it from time to time as it has resonated with me wholly thus far.  i am looking toward the New Year to renew my quest for God, attempt to be upright and live a holier and godlier life.

We can read volumes on emotional wholeness, marital and family relationships, financial responsibility, and other pressing issues (and well we should), but every book worth reading recites one familiar refrain:  The foundational issue is our relationship to God.  If we center our life around Him, this area will fall into place as well. 

~ Gary Thomas

i am (still) ready.

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