changing things up

i have a sponsee who is struggling in a relational problem and we have talked it every way but sideways.  i went to church with her on sunday (which was AWESOME) and her church has an addictions program on monday nights called "recovery through Christ," or something along those lines.  i suggested we check it out, since everybody knows that AA doesn't corner the market on sobriety, right?

(actually, they do, because this group also follows the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous) 

biggest difference i could see right away was that the name of Jesus is spoken without hesitation, and there were scripture references given throughout the hour, which was actually really cool.

there were folks i already knew from being in AA for over two years in attendance.  one guy in particular is one of my "EF Huttons" - and he said something last night that totally blew me away - that we are "without excuse."  he also mentioned something about being in total rebellion when he thought he was following Christ, but not until he completely surrender, did he see how he was pretty far from the cross.

i was glad i went.  my sponsee had to work, but she has arranged to have her schedule changed so she will be able to attend at least next week and the week after.

total surrender -- do we realize what that means?  being "without excuse" - if i choose to turn my life and my will over to God today, then i need to prepare myself to take things as they come.  am i ready?  are you ready?

my husband and i are going to a bible study at a Greek Orthodox church tonight.  a friend from our parish has been attending for quite some time now and when i suggested it to hub last night, he seemed to be really excited.  he has to get up at 3:30 a.m. tomorrow morning, so we'll see how he is at 5:00 tonight, but i am really looking forward to it.

God is taking me somewhere, and i feel as though i am finally following.

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