therapy, medications, college courses, tweeting and other matters of fact

my friend chris was kind enough to give me a shout-out in a comments box, which did not go unnoticed by yours truly, so i thought i'd step into my blog and let the world know just how things are.

this is how things are: my son is doing better. it's amazing what a combination of good psychotherapy and just the right meds can do for someone who is spiraling, spiraling. he's in a pretty good space, what with starting college courses again these past two weeks, feeling more focused and structured, making his appointments and taking his meds (his phone timer goes off, he can't forget).

and i've learned to let go, at least a little bit. the results have been notable :)

i started two college courses myself just before labor day - english comp 102 and psychology 101. i believe i am moving in the direction of social work, which has been a dream of mine since i was a little girl (a dream that will take years to complete, but i'm good with that). i decided to take classes so i'd have something to fill my empty space at night with something other than the "chair doze." so far, it's been enlightening and i'm doing my best to soak it all in and learn as much as i can from 7-9:45pm mondays and thursdays.

(and yes - for my english papers, i am all about capitalization, punctuation, and sentence structure -- no fragmented sentences for this girl -- and i will have a research paper to do that i'll probably discuss at length herein to gain insight from my fellow bloggers. look forward to that with me, hmmm?)

for those of you who are *in the know* - i am moving away from a situation that has so easily ensnared me for MONTHS. it hasn't been easy, but with the help of a few very close friends, i am starting to make progress and have decided, once and for all, Who i will follow (and it ain't me).

of further notability is i am feeling a boatload of gratitude that the summer is drawing to an end, although i did a ton of reading (other than spiritual books - who knew? i have recommendations if anyone is interested!)...i love the bit of chill in the air and the acorns are starting to fall, leading me to believe the leaves cannot be far behind. we will be in my favorite season of the year soon enough. i am grateful without feeling anxiety. (good meds for EVERYone!!)

that's it in a nutshell. still with the insomnia, i've been up since 4a.m. i am thinking of reading a little and watching the local news. (is that last sentence more appropriate for twitter?)

~~as an aside: how many of you sweethearts do actually "tweet" -- is that not blogging taken to yet another extreme? i've dabbled in it, but am unsure my thoughts or ideas are worth "following" on a moment-by-moment basis. i'd love to hear your feedback on that one.

grace and peace.


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

God be with you! Rough journey.

Owen said...

That's all good news. I'm back in the books too. Thursday nights too. Seminary - who the heck knew?

chicory cottage said...

woot. glad you've updated us. you know what i mean. no tweeting here; too many cats. ;)

Amy Giglio said...

I tweet, sporadically.

If you need help with one of your comp papers let me know. I'd be happy to put my English major to work for you!

Anonymous said...

"good meds for everyone"... LOVE.

Been thinking of you and hoping you're doing well. Love you and wishing you the sweetest of holidays my friend.