here we go again.

okay, i tried to avoid blogging about it but i am compelled to do so. so much for my self-imposed one-day exile. boy am i refreshed!!

today at my bible study, while there were amazing moments of insight and clarity (as there always are when you are sifting through the Word of God), but because we were talking about those *women of corinth* the subject of dressing for church came about.

scenario #1: there is a woman who goes to adoration dressed in a micro-mini-skirt. and she is faithful about attending, but her attire is very distracting and is apparently presenting problems to the male population at this parish. what do you do in that situation? what could you do in that situation?

scenario #2: there are teenagers, such as my son, who dye their hair black and perhaps wear outfits that are considered *gothic* in nature, and there was further discussion about this in my bible study, whether they are dressed appropriately for church or not. and someone said if they couldn't attend in a shirt and tie, they wouldn't attend.

sometimes, i gotta tell ya - i feel like a lone salmon swimming upstream. if i am incorrect in my heart and how i feel in my convictions, please (lovingly) tell me so (remembering all the while my sensitivity level is at an orange). and i hesitate to post my take on all of this until i get a little feedback, but i might as well...

i think God meets you where you are and it's His job to convict you about your attire. i think i rely heavily on the scripture in 1 samuel 16:7~
Not as man sees does God see, because man sees the appearance but the LORD looks into the heart.
or more eloquently as my 11 year-old daughter often puts it:
God doesn't care
what you wear
as long as you're there.
i have to say i agree with that.

and when we were talking about the *goth* look, one of the men said, "give him two months in my ccd class and we'd change that" referring to my son -- i said "i dyed his hair myself, nobody else..." are you thinking that would have been a good time to bring up the fact i have three judeo-Christian tattoos, all of which i got after i turned 40?

the flip side of the argument is you are going to the Lord's banquet, and you need to dress appropriately. i said, "Jesus went to the houses of the sinners...He never once told them how to dress for His arrival - in fact, mary magdalan kissed his feet and bathed them with her tears, dried them with her hair and when she was scolded by the pharisees in the room for having done so, was admonished by Jesus for the fact that they didn't! is not the love with which you do things more important than the wrapping paper you put around it?"

how wrong am i?

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