anna's place

i was totally exhausted yesterday, mainly because of the anxiety that preceded the barbecue night, as well as having to rise and go in at 4:00 in the morning. it was unusually slow at work what with the heat & oppressive humidity being definitive factors.

i was cleaning the walk-in and putting our produce order away when my server came to me and said "pen, you're not gonna be happy about this: a woman just walked in and said she tripped on the sidewalk and feels like she's dislocated something..."

i went out right away, she (a driver for the bus company next door) took me to where she tripped (sidewalk in front of the bakery next door has a lip to it - there is a yellow paint strip that could have served as a warning, however...) i said "would you like me to call an emt?"

"my work told me to come back here and report it to you, said you have to take care of it."

"oh. uh, okay..." so i called for an ambulance on their non-emergency number - she wasn't even so much as grimacing - and was told i had to hang up and dial 9-1-1.


the emt's arrived while she was sipping her diet coke and she walked out and sat on their rig.

her friend finished up her bagel and soda and said "is there an incident report we need to fill out or anything?"

"i don't have anything like that here. this is a first for me."


i called my landlord. i called my insurance company. finally, i called her employer and got all her relevant information in the morning, then called back in the afternoon to check in on her and they said she was home and "resting comfortably."

"did she break anything?"

"apparently, her elbow was dislocated."

*sigh* head bowed in prayer, Lord have mercy on me and bless her.

we will, in the future, probably be known as "anna's place," fyi.

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