went way outside of my comfort zone and attended a baby shower for a girl i don't know very well, but know her boyfriend.  she and her family and friends are a lovely bunch...i made the baby a lime green/bright purple striped dress (no, i failed to take a picture) and took a key lime pie.

i pray through my hands, most times.

the day has been introspective for me, which is good.  quiet night, watched a movie i had no business watching and was unable to sleep very well, but i believe it is partially due to the fact i am starting to experience (at night) my own personal summers.  3, 4 times a night.  it's getting old already.

doctor visit on 3/1.  have a list of questions, including how i could potentially wean off of my effexor and perhaps onto something else.  some of you have  been on the anti-anxiety withdrawal path with me in the past.  it isn't pleasant, but neither are the side effects of this medication.

staying below the radar and liking it.

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