are you ready for some Christmas?

uh, no. not just yet.

admittedly, have been listening to Christmas music since last week in the hopes it will spark my interest and get me in the mood. have been admiring my neighbor's light shows (already) and think "gee, how lovely," but then asked hub if we could be the only house in the 'hood that wasn't decorated on the outside, but just on the inside and he said, "uh, no." shot down, once again.

i feel very much like charlie brown, thinking Christmas has gotten way too commercial (even though linus's soliloquy is my favorite of all time... "lights, please?")

started watching elf and thought "nope. not just yet."

i read other blogger's nostalgic musings about family and traditions, and feel warm when i am finished. do i want to get my decorations out of the attic? uh, no. not just yet.

soon, though.



Julie M. said...

I do love a home that is beautifully decorated for Christmas, but since Jude's been born, I've skipped the decorations and I can't say I'm bummed about it. It is so much less of a hassle. We don't spend much time here at home for Christmas. We usually go to our parents' homes and mooch off their beautifully decorated homes. That's good enough for us for now. It's not a "bah-humbug" thing, it's just a practical thing. Jude is 2 and I don't want to have to spend our days telling him "no, you can't play with that. Play with this." One day I'll do up our home like I've always wanted to, but it certainly won't start the day after Halloween or Thanksgiving. Maybe a week or two before Christmas. - Julie M.

Julie D. said...

We put the lights up this weekend, for the first time in two years. I like what a good and wise friend told me ... when she puts up her Christmas lights she always makes sure to remember that Christ is coming to give His light to the world and she is putting up her lights to remind everyone of that.

We put up the tree and other decorations two weeks before Christmas ... otherwise I feel as if it's part of the background by the time Christmas actually arrives.

Kalanna said...

Like ya Martha. You make me smile. :)

Just do what it is you need. We decorate all together the first Sunday of Advent. I love putting things in nooks and crannies. Right now we are trying to find a better way to wire our evergreen tree to light up the blue lights we put in it last year.

~m2~ said...

kalanna, as i was telling one of my customers today, putting out decorations isn't done *like that*, it is an *event*. cleaning, dusting (yikes), making sure you have enough help on hand. it's an event.

i'll be ready maybe in a week or so. i asked my husband again if we could bail on the outside lights, but if i think of it like preparing the way for the Lord... i like that. it actually makes it palatable :)

Kalanna said...

Oh, see I don't even think about cleaning. I tend to do big cleaning jobs about one every two weeks between the wrap up of the garden and now. Well, except for the cobwebs in the corner of the living room and the dust atop the bookshelves, but we won't focus on those!

The outside lights have a real reason for us. We have no street lamps - boonieville!! - so they are really a treat for the eyes.