1000 visitors?

say it isn't so!

*or could it be because i edit the crap out of everything i post*

thank you for stopping by. please leave a comment or a calling card or something so that if you blog, as well, i can visit you and make all sorts of profound comments on what you post about :)



Null said...


I'm going to blogroll you. I love your blog :D

C. Fish said...

Found you via Liesa... she keeps your blog on our side tab menu :)

Just wanted to say hello.

Kalanna said...


~m2~ said...

new pallies, i am so excited!!

i've already blogrolled liesa, have blogged the big fish and kalanna - it's amazing how much i feel connected *finally* in cyberspace since i started blogging. i am not all alone in my thoughts any more.

thank you thank you thank you :)