the Blessed Mother's picture...on a grilled cheese sandwich?

are you kidding me? if you click on the link above, it shows the ebay auction. not saying God cannot manifest Himself in many ways, but i am not so sure about this one. and the mere fact the auction is up over $69,000 with five days to go is actually a little sickening to me.

however. i wanted to point out what one of my super-sleuthy friends pointed out on a message board i frequent: the uncanny resembance this 1/2 sandwich has to mae west.

pretty cheesy? you decide...


Steve Bogner said...

Pretty cheesy ?!!? That's a good one.

~m2~ said...

i just rechecked back on the auction and the bidding is now at a respectable(?) $7,000+, which is still pretty inflated, imho.

seems like there are a lot of pranksters, posting bogus bids. shocking, i know. who would ever do such a thing? (*insert blank stare here*)

i remain incredulous.

~m2~ said...
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Anonymous said...

I think it looks like: harlow.jpg


~m2~ said...

sh! you found a post you could comment to !!! *j.k* you can post here anytime, honey :)


bobbie said...

isn't that stunning?!?! i love the idea that it's really mae west! thanks for linking to my blog, i would have never found you otherwise!

i too am leaving romans 7 (well, the misinterpretation of it) behind too!

~m2~ said...

hi bobbie!! thrilled you stopped in :)

methinks it is a mirror image.

and most Catholics wonder why *other people* think they worship Mary? gosh, what would i tell people if i actually won the auction?

would i set up a mantle of sorts, a veneration spot?

would i serve tomato soup?

so many questions. so little time. (you bring the saltines, ty...)