the year of the Eucharist.

Pope John Paul II has declared this the "year of the Eucharist, " which further explanation you may find here: year of the Eucharist explained, with even more cool links

we now have Eucharistic Adoration at our parish from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. for those of you who are non-Catholic, i know it is a difficult concept to grasp, but please try to read why we feel the way we do - it's not "cookie worship" as has been suggested to me (insult thrown at me?) before. we as Catholics truly believe Christ is present in the Eucharist; the link above may be more helpful for description, i don't wish to digress much more.

now that i got the explanation out of the way (phew!), before Monsignor left for florida (as he has to check on his "retreat house," God bless him!) so he had asked my husband and i if we would be kind enough to expose the Blessed Sacrament in the mornings for him (we are both "Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist," which also means we give out Communion at mass and i take Communion to the homebound) - which is a tremendous honor, i can assure you. my husband had the morning shift yesterday, and i have the balance of this week. i was up at 3:00 a.m. because i was afraid i'd oversleep, then i fell back to sleep and almost overslept - were it not for my cat rosie pouncing on the bed acting like she was under emminent attack by the milk lid ring she has been carrying around for days...

so today's my first day "on the job." i am excited, i am nervous, i have to stay until people start coming in, so i am taking my Bible study homework to do while i hang out with Jesus. it really is a very peaceful way to begin your day. there is a holiness about it and when i was in the throes of my mess a while back, i would go to a local parish that has Perpetual Adoration 24/7 and sit in the quiet there. it would center me just enough to go back out into the world and screw up again. that story, you can find here.

in a place where i have had trouble finding much joy lately, this brings me such peace.


Michelle said...

Although I don't know too much about the Catholic tradition (I'm trying to learn!), this sounds just awesome. Blessings as you share this special time with others.

~m2~ said...

thank you so much! i am thrilled you posted as you are one of my favorite bloggers :)

there is so much to learn about the faith, i am still learning and am really a "baby" as i converted to Catholicism 9 years ago. i embrace my faith, i embrace the Cross and love the Lord with all my heart. He completes me.


Michelle said...

Oh my, thank you! You just gave me the warm fuzzies! :) And I need them on a day where I've followed links through blogs and sites that report death and destruction in vivid detail - the dark evil side of humanity. Warm fuzzies are WAY needed today.... :)