from hurryied & harried to instant perspective

my morning thus far:

*snipped because it annoyed me to see it on my blog*

my afternoon perspective:

it's funny how stupid and crazed you can become over the little details of life (life is frittered away in detail - henry david thoreau) ~*~ then you realize how fragile life truly is when you hear your mother in law had a suspicious shadow on her yearly mammogram.

she is a 9 year, post-mastectomy cancer survivor.

God, do i feel foolish. what a waste of time and energy i expended over what? having to run an extra errand or two for my husband?

*sigh* thank you, Lord, for your instant perspective. You see all things and every now and again, awaken my senses to the foolishness of my attitude. it's quite humbling but so necessary.

in all things, give thanks.

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